2023 New York State Fair Excursion: How My Lobster Rolls

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The two-hour pilgrimage to Syracuse for the yearly state fair was my second this month. (Pantera show on August 8th.) I chose this day for the Theory of a Deadman show at the Suburban Park Stage later in the evening – a personal fave. The band, not the venue.

After three rest stops and a Whopper pit stop (the Chick-fil-A line was too friggin’ long for just a chicken sandwich), I arrived around 3:30 pm. The cool rain had me layering up when I left, but the humidity made a quick bathroom wardrobe change necessary upon arrival.

Before winding through the plethora of agricultural exhibits, my first stop was my coveted lobster roll. I faced the difficult decision between Maine and Connecticut rolls, but ultimately went with Connecticut – alphabetically superior.

As a bonus, I noticed Quiet Riot was playing on the Chevy Stage at 6 p.m. After checking out the Fair Cheese, I settled in to watch the show.

Hushed Hullabaloo

I ended up leaving after three songs. They were horrible. The only original member was the bass player, Rudy Sarzo, and it showed. I’m all for a good cover band, but these guys were not it. It did remind me that I should probably work more on my fitness, particularly my arms.

After exiting the train wreck, I grabbed a drink and headed over to the Suburban Park Stage, as history has shown that with the limited seating, it is best to get over there early. Settling in for 3 hours of no bathroom breaks, I enjoyed the Theory of a Deadman show, with an odd enjoyment with the gentlemen signing the concert. (Review and Photos)

At 9:45 PM, at the conclusion of the show, I grabbed a late-night Gyro and headed for the exit to the Orange lot.

Exit 33 Diversion

Even after 7 miles of walking, I was still feeling pretty good, so I stopped at the Turning Stone Casino on the way home. AFTER ALL, it IS only one exit from the Fair and a letter a. (34a)

I had some quick luck and bankrolled the day’s events. I ended up giving $100 back and headed down the road at around 12:30 AM, arriving back at the crib at 2:10 AM.

Additional Photos

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