2024 Semi-Finals: College Hockey’s Best Clash at the Frozen Four

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Hot off our pilgrimage to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, we made our way to the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul for the two semi-final games for this year’s Frozen Four. Boston University at Denver game at 4 PM followed by the main event of Boston College v Michigan at 8:30 PM. The main event in that my daughter is a Boston College fan and my son is a Michigan fan.

The first item on the agenda was to get in line to obtain our Frozen Four gear for this year. We have learned that waiting until the later game or the Championship game means everything that you want is sold out. Mission accomplished in 2024.

Denver vs. Boston University

The first game of the evening featured #2 Boston University v. #3 Denver Pioneers. Being strongly against any team whose team colors are Red, I was rooting for Denver which dons a variant, best I could do.

Boston University struck first scoring early in the first period, with Denver tying it up in the second 1-1. No scoring in the third period took the game to overtime. Late into the first OT, Denver won on a rather routine shot with 8:51 left.

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Boston University Terriers V Denver Pioneers

Boston College v. Michigan

On to the main event with the group texting and shit-talking commencing amongst the offspring. Unfortunately for my son, it was a one-sided affair as Boston College was too fast of a team and shut out Michigan 4-0. Michigan played as if trying to make the perfect shot as opposed to just shooting at the net. It never happened. Overheard by a young boy to his dad behind us, “Dad, when is Michigan going to score?

Final group text for the evening, “Sorry for your loss.”

Along the Walk Home

My Dirty Life and Times
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