A Walking Tour of San Antonio’s Famous Riverwalk: Everything You Need to Know

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A walk along the San Antonio Riverwalk is one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Antonio. Moreover, this scenic stretch is a fun, lively place to enjoy a meal and watch the sunset. The Riverwalk is lined with restaurants, bars, and shops, making it the perfect destination for individuals looking to spend an afternoon or evening out on the town.

In addition to the excitement found in the lively areas, exiting the Riverwalk along the way leads to discovering all that San Antonio has to offer. Furthermore, this vibrant waterway is filled with diversity. Visitors can experience the hustle and bustle of downtown while also finding more peaceful, serene sections. Ultimately, the San Antonio Riverwalk offers something for everyone, whether you want to immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere or take a leisurely stroll surrounded by nature.

How long is the Riverwalk?

The Downtown, Mission, and Museum Reaches are all included in the 15-mile San Antonio River Walk.

Where does the San Antonio Riverwalk Start and End?

The point where E. Hildbrand Ave crosses the River is where the River Walk begins, about 4 miles north of the city center. It ends near Mission Espada, south of the city.

Do they ever drain the water?

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Every two years, the river is typically drained for essential maintenance. This typically occurs toward the end of January and lasts about ten days. The river cruises will not be operating at this time because much of the river loop lacks water.

When they drain the River what do they find?

Knives and forks, restaurant ware. Cell phones. Folding chairs. Sunglasses. All the things tourists drop!

During my visit, I leisurely explored shops along the way, rode the River Boat Cruise (a must, reasonably priced at $12.95), enjoyed some authentic Tex-Mex food, and took advantage of the exercise with the beautiful scenic backdrop. Enjoying both the day and evening, capturing many photos and video along the way, many of them below. My being there as they were preparing the river for the annual Holiday River parade made it a little busy at times but nothing too disruptive. Would have liked to stay for that, but I had to get home for family, granddaughters, and turkey.

Riverwalk Boat Cruise (narrated)

Tower of America | Mission San Jose | The Alamo

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