A Wintry Christmas Stroll

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Through the village all covered in white
On a cold winter’s Christmas Eve night
The snow blankets each roof and each door
As carols ring out from the church’s front door

Lights twinkle and shine through the frosted panes
While children make snowmen and angels in lanes
The bakery’s windows hold treats to behold
Gingerbread, pies, cakes iced in gold

I stroll down the streets with the snow crunching underfoot
Inhaling the pine-scented air, so lovely and crisp
The magic and joy of the season abound
As through this winter village my footsteps I wind

Past wreaths on each door and candles aglow
Each shop holding treasures, enticing to know
Villagers greeting with smiles as I pass
Filling the air with their laughter and cheer

As the clock tower chimes sing the hour
I’m filled with the warmth of this wonderful time
The spirit of Christmas so lovely and bright
On my walk through this village on cold winter’s night

My Dirty Life and Times
Winter Stroll
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