My Dirty Life and Times – About Me

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Portrait Photo of Me My Dirty Life and Times

I’m a 57-year-old retired tech enthusiast who’s been geeking out since computers ran on modems. For over 30 years, I’ve dabbled in everything from front-end design to back-end coding. Born at just the right time to watch technology explode, I’ve enjoyed a front-row seat to the digital revolution.

These days, I spend my retirement tinkering with new gadgets and exploring web design, AI, and integrations, mainly out of curiosity. While my professional tech career may be over, this old dog still loves learning new tricks in his spare time. Retirement has just given me even more excuses to indulge my inner tech nerd.


After 30 years as the tech guru at the New York State Court of Appeals, I’ve traded in my suit and tie for a t-shirt and shorts.

I joined the Court back when the height of technology was the fax machine. But as Director of Technical Services, I was able to drag those stodgy judges into the 21st century, kicking and screaming.

When I started, the justices still used quill pens; by the time I left, they had just enough tech savvy to be able to turn on their laptops. Not bad for a guy whose previous jobs involved the Air Force and selling compact discs and cassette tapes.


I’m a father to two married kids and grandfather to two fun granddaughters.

I’m an avid music and sports fan. I’ve been a New York Rangers hockey fan forever and regularly jam at concerts, especially outdoors in summer. My favorite genre is classic rock, but I enjoy all kinds of tunes. Music is the soundtrack of life!

Beyond the tons of money and time that I pour into shows, I bike and hike when the weather permits. I live in the Northeast, so nice months only. Otherwise, it’s the YMCA treadmill, my least favorite exercise. With two e-bikes and a road bike, I’m never without a way to get around.


When not snapping pics for my Instagram accounts (@bryandlawrence and @wawasdesigns), I make cringe-worthy YouTube videos. Lately, I’ve gone down an AI rabbit hole, playing with image generators and text generators just for fun. I hoard domains like trading cards and build random websites for the heck of it. What can I say? I like tracking my online kingdom.

Retirement means I can finally travel more and march to my own drum. After letting the shift sink in, I now relish answering to no one but myself. My sense of humor remains, so don’t take my online exploits too seriously! I’m just a curious guy wearing my Hey Dudes and seeing where the journey takes me – preferably somewhere sunny and with music playing.