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Got into Nashville Airport, grabbed my rental, and immediately hit the road toward Memphis, a three-hour drive. My goal was to spend 48 hours in Memphis, catch as much of the town as I could, and be back in Nashville for a show at the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night.

My Dirty Life and Times

I arrived in town around 6 pm, and checked in to what was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, (just down from Graceland). Noticing now that the website no longer works and does not show up on the Wyndham site. I imagine it was my one-star review that shut it down. I then headed to dinner at Marlowe’s Ribs & Restaurant (#DDD) where I grabbed a half rack of ribs.

After dinner, I then headed on down to Beale Street not knowing what to expect on a Wednesday night, it not necessarily being a party night. Well, it turned out to be “Bike Night” where I was greeted by many revving engines and a cacophony of loud music coming from all locations.

I spent a couple of hours walking around, taking some pictures (gallery below), and being happy that I made it, I headed back to the Bates Motel at around 10:30 pm. In the morning, I was heading to the Stax Museum, a Memphis Mojo tour, and ending with a visit to Sun Studios, if I survived the night.

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