Bladed Ice Things: World Cup Bobsledding and ECAC Hockey Championship

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With snow still coming cold and heavy, I extended my original 24-hour Lake Placid hockey adventure for an additional night. Departing after the 5 PM Championship game now seemed ill-advised. Although I’ve driven it hundreds of times, weaving Route 73 in the dark was certainly a non-bladed ice thing I didn’t need.

So after breakfast, I decided to head to Mt. Van Hoevenberg where a World Cup Bobsledding event was happening. The perks of being in an Olympic town, there are always some winter activities going on. (Even though I had lived here I had never been.)

World Cup Bobsledding – Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Ill-prepared by wearing sneakers I made my way up the mountain, and by my way up, I mean only to turn 10. I could have paid $125 and rode a shuttle to the top and walked my way down. But I opted for the $20 bargain and then sucked wind through every orifice of my body climbing my way up the stairs and hills instead. Turn 10 was good enough.

I watched the Women’s Heat One event in its entirety and took some nice videos (YouTube) and photos before sliding down the hill and heading out to lunch. I met and chatted with Deaneah Hill, a 1984 Summer Olympic Gold medalist in the 4×400 relay, whose daughter was competing.

ECAC Championship – Cornell v. St. Lawrence

Back at the rink at 5 for some more blades on ice, I had no stake in the outcome. Although I don’t like red teams winning anything, I had no choice in this one and was just there for some good hockey. Cornell ended up winning 3-1, their first step toward the Frozen Four, although I don’t expect to see them in Saint Paul in a couple of weeks.

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