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Minnesota Science Museum and the City(s) One More Time

I spent my final day exploring the city, including a 2.5-hour visit to the four floors of the Minnesota Science Museum.

Although the House of Balls was closed, I still enjoyed local art displays. (Photos)

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2024 Frozen Four Championship: Boston College vs Denver

In Saint Paul for my 16th Frozen Four Championship, we nearly missed the start due to a time zone mix-up but caught the game just in time.

Denver upset the top-ranked Boston College with a stunning goaltending performance, prevailing 2-0. (Photos)

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Exploring Nature in Minneapolis, Wildlife and Culinary Delights in Saint Paul

On Saturday, we chose a spontaneous nature hike at Minnehaha Falls, having to buy shorts due to unexpected warm weather.

Afterward, we enjoyed a free visit to Como Zoo and savored a late lunch at The Nook, a unique dive from “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” before exploring downtown Saint Paul ahead of the Championship game. (Photos)

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Indulging in Minnesota: Retail Therapy, Purple Rain, and an Evening Reservation

When you’re at a Frozen Four, Fridays are your free skate days, sandwiched between the Semi-Finals and the Championship. You have a day and a half to wander the city, exploring whatever it has to offer.

Our day included the Mall of America, a simplified but enjoyable tour of Prince’s Paisley Park, and concluding with dinner and gambling at Mystic Lake Casino. (Photos)

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Hockey Minnesota Saint Paul Sporting Events Travel

2024 Semi-Finals: College Hockey’s Best Clash at the Frozen Four

We made our way to the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul for the two semi-final games for this year’s Frozen Four.

The 4 PM Boston University at Denver game and the 8:30 PM Boston College v Michigan main event. (Photos)

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Ballin’ with Darwin: World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Welcome to Darwin, Minnesota, and its famed giant twine ball, a testament to Francis Johnson’s eccentric dedication. Fashioned over 29 years, the 12-foot, 17,400 lbs twine ball is an iconic Minnesota roadside attraction.

Although the adjacent museum’s erratic hours were a mild letdown, the journey through Minnesota’s rural landscapes to this quirky landmark proved worth it. (Photos)

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