Rollin’ 7s at SPAC – Dirty Honey Live in Saratoga

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Dirty Honey returned to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) last night as openers for the almighty Guns N’ Roses on their massive 2023 world tour. I had seen Dirty Honey previously opening for the Black Crowes at SPAC back in 2021. In fact, they were the reason I attended the show in the first place as I’ve been a Dirty Honey fan since their early days.

Marc Labelle | Video Clip

Their bluesy, Rolling Stones-style rock with a grittier edge is refreshing. Led by dynamic frontman Marc LaBelle, who has local roots having attended Niskayuna High School (my daughter’s friend went to school with him), Dirty Honey was tight and electrifying as usual.

They powered through a 10-song set filled with tunes from their three albums. (setlist below)

I enjoyed hearing some of my faves like “California Dreamin'” and “When I’m Gone” live. Of course, I was bummed when their set ended – I could’ve rocked a little more with them. But with Guns N’ Roses gearing up for an epic 3+ hour headlining gig, I was also eager to see Axl and Slash do their thing, 32 years later.

Dirty Honey proved once again they are a band worth seeing live.

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