Exploring Nature in Minneapolis, Wildlife and Culinary Delights in Saint Paul

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Exploring Nature at Minnehaha Falls

Up an at ’em on Saturday morning with plans to head to the Como Zoo and Conservatory, we opted to stop by a local coffee shop and head to Minnehaha Falls for a morning hike. Not before first stopping by the local Walmart to pick up some shorts as I had not packed any for the trip. Last time in Minnesota it hovered below zero for the whole trip and didn’t seem necessary. When I had last checked it was going to hover around 50 degrees. But with the temperature heading for 80 degrees, it seemed a must-stop.

A Day at Como Zoo and Conservatory

Although heading to a Zoo on a Saturday seemed like a busy idea we had plenty of time to explore. As a bonus, it turned out to be a free experience. We spent a couple of hours walking the park and were pleasantly surprised at its size. Not what was expected.

A Dive into The Nook

Before heading to the Xcel Energy Center for the Championship game we as is customary on my trips sought out a local “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” destination for a late lunch. We settled on The Nook.

Upon arrival, it seemed like a quaint little bar but we were then treated to the downstairs area complete with the walls and ceiling covered in dollar bills thus solidifying it as truly a dive for sure.

I, of course, went with “Guy’s Big Bite” which was a Pepperjack stuffed burger topped with roast beef, shredded cheddar, and bacon which was very delicious.

Full up on animal protein we decided to head to downtown Saint Paul early to walk around and enjoy the weather before the game.

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