The Latest John Wick “Killer” Installment: Chapter 4

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After waiting for a couple of extra years due to Covid, the John Wick finale hit, Chapter 4 IMAX today – and at $24 a ticket, I was stunned! But the 2D showing, while pricey, let me pick my seat ahead of time like a VIP concert. Was the giant screen worth the splurge? The jury’s out. But after years of anticipation, I wasn’t missing Wick’s last stand on anything less than the biggest screen around.

About the Movie

Right from the start, we plunge into thrilling sequences of Wick evading the ruthless High Table syndicate that issues a global bounty on him. When his confidante Winston offers an escape, Wick must assassinate the virtually untouchable Marquis—the High Table’s mightiest enforcer.

To reach his target overseas, Wick battles through the world’s deadliest killers, including a shocking showdown with his former mentor. Each scene propels the story forward at breakneck speed toward the climactic confrontation.

John Wick Battle Scene My Dirty Life and Times
Photo by Murray Close/Lionsgate/Murray Close/Lionsgate – © 2021 Lionsgate

This adrenaline-fueled installment overflows with jaw-dropping action sequences that will leave audiences gripping their seats. Moreover, the exquisite choreography and Keanu Reeves performing most of his own daring stunts make the scenes all the more visceral. Furthermore, the breathtaking cinematography and apt musical score complement each moment perfectly. Additionally, the film artfully pays tribute to classic action flicks like The Matrix, Die Hard, and The Raid with reverential homages. Overall, the movie fires on all cylinders with nonstop thrills galore.

My Dirty Life and Times

My Thoughts

Of the four John Wick movies, I believe this to be the best. It carries the story well and gets back to what the John Wick movies are about. Action and mayhem. It began to fade for me in Chapter 3, but this one brought it back to what is enjoyable about the franchise. Of course, you have to suspend reality as many things skew reality to the point of humor at times, but if you go to a John Wick movie for reality, then you certainly didn’t do your homework.

That and it’s why we go to the movies in the first place, right? To escape and be entertained. And for this one, you will be.

Cost of the movie: $24
Cost of Medium popcorn and a soda: $18
Meaning of life: 42 hmmm

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