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Drove to the city to attend Game 5 of Round 2 of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs at Madison Square Garden. I was invited to watch the game from the Caesars Sportsbook Suite.

The Suite Experience

You gain entry to the Suite through the 4 Penn side of the arena, 31st Street between 7th and 8th Avenue where you take an elevator to the Suite level bypassing all the commoners. There was a host, a bartender, and a private bathroom. Also, a concierge who escorted me and waited when I went to visit the team store.

Rink Side

You exit at the far side of the suite to your seat which puts you on the rail looking out into the rink. It was a great seat with only twelve of us sharing the row and the suite. I even showed up on the ole TV broadcast a few times, so I was told. I never ventured into the rest of the arena the entire evening except for leaving at the end of the game. Why would I? Been there done that.

Game Time

Despite the luxurious setting and excellent view, the game was disappointing as the Rangers lost 4-1, reverting to the Rangers of old for the last couple of games.

The Suite was a great time and experience and ended up being the best thing about the Rangers for the evening.

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